The Springs at Santa Rita HOA
951 W Via Rio Fuerte
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Phone:  520-648-1699
Fax:  520-648-1699

General Questions

1. What are the homeowners dues used for?

The homeowner’s dues are used for street improvements, common grounds improvements including weeds and water, The Springs park upkeep, and the entrance gate upkeep and HOA office.

2. When are my homeowner's yearly fees due?

Statements for annual HOA dues are sent out the last week of November.  HOA dues are due on the first of each year (1/1).  If payment is not received by 1/10, a 10%  late fee will be levied.  If payment is not received by 1/31, the account is turned over to our attorneys and a lien will be filed.

3. Where do I mail my homeowner’s annual dues?
  You may either mail you annual dues to the HOA or drop them off in the locked mail box located by the north door of the HOA office located at the entrance gate.  The address is:  The Springs HOA, 951 W. Via Rio Fuerte, Green Valley, AZ  85614

4. I get two billings for dues requiring payment in January.  Why?
One bill is for your HOA dues.  The second is for your Green Valley Recreation (GVR) dues.  GVR is a separate organization.  You are invoiced separately for those dues.  Those dues are also due January 1.  Remember, you will have GVR and HOA dues at the same time.  Don’t confuse the two; they are two different organizations and need to be mailed separately and paid to each specific office.

5. How can I reach a Board member?

It is preferred that you email the board member with a question.  The email address can be found on the HOA web site ( under “Contact Us.”  If you would like to leave a written message, you may do so by placing the message in the HOA mail box by the north door of the HOA office or mail it directly to the address above.  If your name and address is not on the communication, it will be discarded.

6. When are the Homeowner’s monthly meetings held?

The homeowner’s Board of Directors are held once a month.  The date may change from year to year based on scheduling; however, the dates will be posted on the web site and on the message boards located adjacent to all mail boxes.

7. I am a new homeowner, what are some things that I should be aware of?
  A good place to start is to review the web site (  There you will find many valuable tips as well as copies of the HOA Governing Documents, local telephone numbers, and request forms for both the Architectural Review Committee and the Grounds  Committee.

8. How do I find my mail box?

The HOA does not have a list of mail boxes associated with each home.  You must either contact the Post Office directly or, better yet, stop your mail carrier and ask them.  They are your best resource for this information.

9. I noticed that there is an HOA message board by the mail boxes. What is that for?
The message box is used by The Springs to place copies of minutes, special announcements, and announcements for community events.  All announcements can also be found on the web site .  Personal items may not be posted on the HOA message boards.

10. Who can attend the community events? Can renters attend? Can my guests attend?

Yes, we encourage all homeowners, renters, and any guests to attend our community events.

11. I would like to volunteer, how do I contact the Board?
Just send an email to the HOA or drop a note in the HOA mail box by the office.  Please remember to provide your name, telephone number, and email address if you have one.
I noticed that we have a swimming pool in our development, are my dues responsible for that?

No, the swimming pool and all of the facilities that are located by it are part of the Green Valley Recreation (GVR).