The Springs at Santa Rita HOA
951 W Via Rio Fuerte
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Phone:  520-648-1699
Fax:  520-648-1699



To Your Home Away From Home
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Green Valley, AZ 85614

We sincerely hope your stay in our home in The Springs is enjoyable! We have put together some information to help you settle in and feel comfortable in our home and community.

Telephone: Your number here is (520) <               >. This is set-up to place local calls only. Long distance calls must be placed "collect" or paid with a calling or credit card.

Mail: Your mailbox is located on <                  >. The post number is <         > and the box number is <    >.

Parking: Vehicles are to be garaged. Visitors should park in the driveway, not on the street at night.

Overnight parking is prohibited on the street. Recreational Vehicles belonging to the tenants may remain for 36 hours only. Guests of the tenants may not park an RV anytime.

Garage Door: The garage door should remain closed at all times except when entering and exiting the garage, or unless a project requires it to be open for access to the garage or residence.

Garbage & Trash: Pick-ups are on Mondays and Thursdays. Recycling is on Monday. Garbage and trash containers must not be visible except on pick-up days.

Water Softener: If a water softener has been installed in this house, use only about 1 tsp. detergent in the dishwasher and about ¼ of the amount of detergent you normally would in the washing machine.

Toilets: Please don’t use toilet cleaners that are hung from the tank or sit inside the tank. They eat the plastic fittings, causing leakage.

Entrance Gates: They are closed between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. The gate code is 1234. Press the buttons slowly, ignore the computer messages.

Homeowners Association Information Box: These boxes are located beside the mailboxes. Check it periodically to keep up with The Springs happenings-- Meet & Greets, Pot Luck Suppers, etc. You are welcome to attend any activity.

Green Valley Recreation (GVR): We’ve provided a signed Tenant Card Request form. Upon payment by you to GVR of a Tenant fee, you are welcome to use any of the recreational facilities located in Green Valley during the term of your lease.

Pima Animal Control: (520) 743-7550 (Bites and welfare) If the homeowner allows you to bring pets, the dogs & cats must be leashed at all times when leaving the property. You must pick up all droppings.

Renters are responsible to follow all the rules and regulations of The Springs HOA. We encourage you to visit and use The Springs web site  This site has a great deal of information relating to the community.

If we can be of any help, please let us know.

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