The Springs at Santa Rita HOA
951 W Via Rio Fuerte
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Phone:  520-648-1699
Fax:  520-648-1699

Maintenance Tips

ü  Roof – Have it checked every two years for cracks that may lead to leading.  After 2-3 years, it needs to be re-coated.

ü  Beams, Posts, Rough Woods – Apply a coat of sealer every two years. See suppliers under ARC Paint Requirements.

ü  Air Conditioning – Change the fan filter at least four times per year.  A service contract helps insure longevity of the system.

ü  Smoke Alarms – Replace batteries once per year.

ü  Landscaping – Use pre-emergent twice a year (January and July).  Pre-emergent must be watered in after each application. Weeds must be removed first before the pre-emergent is applied.  Prune shrubs after front danger (mid-March).  All water must run away from the house or it will seep under the foundation causing serious problems.  Use Ironite on shrubs in January, May, and October.

ü  Keep your outside address light in working condition.  All residents should be aware that the HOA replaces address light bulbs with 25-watt bulbs.

ü  Irrigation – Check the breaker periodically, especially after lightning storms.  Twist the emitters every few months to release mineral build up.  Wrap irrigation pipes and valves with insulated tape for the cold weather.

ü  Toilets – It is suggested that toilet cleaners that are hung from the tank or sit inside the tank not be used.  Experience has shown that they dissolve the plastic fittings, causing leakage.  Toilets are low-water usage types, required by law.  Be cautious what you throw in.

ü  Windows – Keep weep holes open.

ü  Bugs – Spray the foundation once a month in the winter; twice a month in the warmer weather.  Use ant and roach traps in the garage during the warm months.

ü  Termites – Consider getting a termite contract if you don’t already have one and have a free inspection at least once per year.