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While You Are Away

Tips For When Your Are Gone


ü  Washing machine faucets – Should be turned off or turn off water for the machine in the Moon-Bloc system.


ü  Newspapers – Make arrangements to stop newspaper delivery.


ü  Mail - Make arrangements to hold or forward mail.


ü  Call utilities – Special seasonal rates may be available.


ü  Spray for bugs – Inside and out if you do not have a service agreement.


ü  Lock all windows and doors – Place large dowels in tracks.


ü  Leave a list – of contact phone numbers with a neighbor.


ü  Leave a key – with a neighbor.


ü  Arrange for someone to flush toilets weekly – If you cover the bowl with plastic wrap, the water will not evaporate so quickly.


ü  Arrange for someone to run the water every two weeks in fixtures to fill traps – This eliminates sewer gas buildup.  Dishwashers and washing machines should be run once per month to keep seals flexible.


ü  Arrange for someone to make sure irrigation system is working – Turn the system on manual, wait for water to flow, and then turn it back to auto.  This is important in the heavy rain season.


ü  Arrange for someone to check the GFI breaker after heavy rains.


ü  Arrange for someone to check for water leakage – Check all windows and doors after rainstorms.


ü  Arrange for someone to remove weeds and prune – Even if you have had pre-emergent applied, and to prune trees, shrubs, and cut back sidewalk overhang.  Prune all trees and shrubs before you leave.


ü  Arrange for someone to check your refrigerator – especially after severe storms.


ü  Contact SAV (Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers) – They will have a patrol car check your home while you are absent.


ü  Turn off the answering maching.


ü  Cover the shower and close the tub drain – to prevent bugs from entering the house by way of the sewer line.


ü  Unplug appliances – Computer, coffee pot timers, fountains, etc.