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Christmas in The Springs

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Photos by Ernie Cox                                                          


 Oh dear, much to their chagrin, Deby and Ernie Cox found one of their reindeer had suffered a shocking problem.  It had lost the ARC-eries to its derriere.  The unfortunate reindeer was taken to the Springs’ morgue; Debi and Ernie had given up all hope for its survival. 

 It was there that Sam Coggins, M.G. discovered the poor creature.  It was in extremis; the nose was no longer was turning blue! Never one to give up easily, he summoned Miki Hiraga M.D. for his opinion.  Soon Sam discovered that some major ARC-eries had been disrupted. Not to be intimidated by a short circuit, Master Coggins, under the bloodshot middle eye of Dr. Hiraga placed the animal on electrical bypass to rule out irrevocably crusted pathways. Using his technical mastery, Sam Coggins performed remarkable electronic ARC-surgery, without electrical bypass assistance by TEP!!!! Lord knows what that would have cost?  The nose began to brighten; the tail began to wag; the RED NOSED REINDEER WAS, once again!!!

 Santa and the elves cheered, the residents smiled!!!

 Christmas in The Springs........ RESTORED!!! 

 (Thanks to Miki for the narrative and Sam and Miki for a successful operation!)